Monday, 28 January 2013

Telegraph mentions Sentencing Gap report from the CCP

In today's Telegraph, Wesley Johnson reflects on the overuse of cautions. He repeats figures from the Centre for Crime Prevention's Sentencing Gap report:
It comes after a report by the Centre for Crime Prevention found earlier this month that more than 90,000 of the worst serial offenders avoided jail last year as the numbers soared by a quarter in five years.
They were handed cautions, fines and community sentences by police and the courts after going back to crime. 
Campaigners said there were now more serious, repeat offenders on the streets than there were jail places, as the figures fuelled fears that the criminal justice system is soft on repeat offenders. 
The number of repeat offenders with at least 15 previous convictions or cautions rose by a third last year to 108,119 from 81,204 in 2006/7, while the number with at least 10 previous convictions or cautions was up by a quarter from 112,956 to 140,168.