The Centre for Crime Prevention was founded in 2013 to campaign for an evidence-based approach to sentencing and policing.

There are a large number of charities and campaign groups in the UK arguing that prison is ineffective, or that policing should be more restrained. There are many charities working full-time for the interests of criminals and prisoners. Few make the case for zero tolerance policing or tougher sentencing. Few represent victims and potential victims of crime.

This is in spite of overwhelming evidence that probation, community sentencing and releasing prisoners while they are still a threat to the public fails – and prison works. It is also in spite of public opinion, which is consistently on the side of evidence-based criminal justice policies.

The founder of the Centre for Crime Prevention was Peter Cuthbertson. David Spencer is the Research Director. Ross Allan is The Director​ – Legal and ECHR.

The Centre for Crime Prevention aims to:

  • uncover the facts about how many serious and repeat offenders avoid prison every year
  • counter naive wishful thinking that puts vulnerable people at risk by failing to incarcerate those who are a danger to others
  • support beat-based zero tolerance policing
  • put victims of crime and law abiding citizens first.